Forgetting and remembering

Evening rails

In taking a step back we often see the way to move forward.

Perspective and hindsight combine to reveal what lay concealed.

Sitting too close to something can make it overly familiar, a thing of dependency and routine.

And we forget what lies on the other side.

So it was for me with social media a few weeks ago. I became burnt-out, exhausted and yet afraid to loose the hold.

It took time (and increasing health and life challenges) to make me see that in desiring to be in the thick of things I was missing the most important thing of all ~ time to simply ‘be’.

In the drawing back I gradually regained a sense of the ‘normality’ that used to be there for me when I wasn’t so caught up in the being out there, heard and seen aspects of life.

It began with restlessness, then as I relaxed more there was profound fatigue and deep bone weariness to contend with, as if I was finally giving my body permission to let go instead of running on continual adrenaline.

Then the silence was filled with a greater measure of hearing from God as He held me in my weakness and pain, helping me see my worth and value are nothing to do with my productivity or the lack thereof.

As an M.E and chronic illness sufferer, being ‘busy’ for me looks like another person’s chilling-out time; but it was a huge change for me to stop those activities and drop all concern about blogging and having some kind of online presence.

Freed from all expectations or demands, writing became pure joy. Poetry and prayer whispers proliferated. Snippets sank into my mind when I was resting, and God encouraged me to release it all to Him without worry or fear.

And I discovered that it’s only in the letting go of all we hold tight to that we are free to fully enjoy it in the way God intends us to.

So I have been delving deeper into His word, praying longer, reading more books and poetry than before, spending quality time with loved ones and ‘in real life’ friends, and realising how shallow my life had become.

Now I want to remember what it’s like to touch reality rather than living a large part of my life in a ‘virtual’ world.

I want to remember how God’s opinion of me is the only one that really matters and I write primarily for an audience of One.

And I want to continue to forget about people-approval issues, performance, perfectionism or pressure, and just concentrate on resting in God’s Presence where I am already beloved, accepted and pre-approved ~ just as I am.


I’d forgotten what it’s like

to lose myself completely

within pages of a book

where time ceases to exist

and eyes are deeply fixed

on drinking in the words

upon which my soul is hooked

I’d forgotten what it’s like

to pray with no clock-watching

allowing time to listen

wait patient for God to speak

within this hour, day and week

seeking nothing more or less

than drawing closer to Him

I’d forgotten what it’s like

to heed Holy Spirit’s voice

so close in the minutiae

or to savour the rhythmic flow

as each moment comes and goes

and He whispers soft and low

to inform and guide my day


Gift and grace as social media and blogging are to me, it has been good to learn there is life beyond the laptop.

You can read more about how this experience has affected me in this post on ‘Words of Joy’.

How about you? Have you considered unplugging or experienced relief from doing so, even for a short while?

Feel free to share your story in the comments below.

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13 thoughts on “Forgetting and remembering

  1. I so often have to remind myself I’m writing for the audience of One. Sometimes we just have to step back and reassess, don’t we? My heart longs with you – “And I want to continue to forget about people-approval issues, performance, perfectionism or pressure, and just concentrate on resting in God’s Presence where I am already beloved, accepted and pre-approved ~ just as I am.” Amen. Thank you, Joy.

    • Yes, Trudy, it’s a continual process to remind ourselves that we write for God alone, isn’t it? One day our hearts will be free of all people-approval pressures and we will bask in the perfect love and acceptance that only God can give us. Bless you, my friend. 🙂 x

  2. Thank you for sharing. I have also been inspired to be more fully present in my actual life, and less present online lately. I am stopping by from Three Word Wednesday. I hope you have a wonderful day!

    • Hi Jolene. It’s lovely to meet you! Thanks for stopping by. I’m happy to have been used to inspire you, and I hope you will meet with God in a special way when you become more “fully present” in your “actual life.” Have a blessed day. 🙂

  3. Such exquisite words ~ as usual Joy.
    I have been seeking rest as well and have to constantly remind myself that it’s OKAY {and needed} to rest.

    • Hi Caryn. It’s good to see you here! Thanks very much for your kind encouragement. It’s strange how we have to actually give ourselves permission to rest, but oh so worth it when we heed that suggestion. May it be a fruitful time for you as you listen, lean and learn. Blessings, friend. 🙂 x

  4. Such a balance, and I think He is speaking to many of His children in these “evil” days. Keeping Him on that throne is so challenging, when I so want to sit in that place myself. Learning, and sharing the journey with you, my friend. You bless me so big. Thankful for your sensitivity to Him. Praying you remain steadfast and strong, by His grace. Thank you for your words, Joy.

    • Dawn, I’m truly thankful for your company on this journey. We have much to learn and share together, don’t we? And it helps enormously having others come alongside us. I am also grateful for your sensitivity, understanding and prayers. Thank you. You “bless me so big” too! 🙂 x

  5. I have to remind myself daily that I write for God and to hear what He is telling me. I have to pray before I start writing that I will focus on Him and what He wants me to say. It is a tightrope, that’s for sure!

    • Yes, reminding ourselves that we “write for God” is a daily task, and a necessary one to help us avoid getting tied up in people-approval issues. Your prayer is a lovely way to refocus thoughts and allow Holy Spirit to inspire you. Thanks for sharing here, Sarah. I really appreciate it! Bless you, friend. 🙂

  6. Hi Joy, I’m visiting from Dawn’s. It is important to step back and just be. My dh and I remind ourselves often that whatever our current circumstances . . . as Solomon wisely shared, they are just a season. So thankful this season of rest blessed you. I’m looking forward to your “Blog Hop” post! Blessings in Jesus.

    • Hi Deb. It’s lovely to meet you! Thank you for your kind, encouraging comment and for the FB love too. It is greatly appreciated. I am still resting as much as possible and hoping to recoup some extra energy soon, God willing. You will probably find my writer blog hop post profiled on ‘Words of Joy’ ( ) because that’s where I tend to write longer, less poetic posts. I hope you will find me there!
      It’s been a real blessing getting to know you and others who Dawn has mentioned. God bless you too. 🙂

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