It’s time to start again

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A blank space. Yawning gap. Untrod pathway. Virgin page.

How to fill it.

How to begin.

How to create again.

A mind can seize,  thoughts stall and falter at the first hurdle.

A break has been taken and getting back on the horse feels scary.

What if…

I fall flat on my face?

Slide into mud and slink away ashamed?


Here there is grace.

Here I can breathe soft and easy,  inhale deep of Holy Spirit inspiration and pour it out, exhale slow.

We canter into this race against the clock but we leave our reservations behind.

This isn’t about coming first or even putting on a good show. No perfectionist preening allowed. No ribbons, medals or honours given.

This is about being available. Showing up. Being ready to participate.

And I know the audience will be kind. Will cheer any effort to join in, even if I’ve been out of action for a while and limbs are stiff.

So here goes, five minutes of unedited, as it comes, straight from the heart to the page writing.

Are you ready for this slow runner, this outsider to start, to begin again?



Leave your yesterdays behind

rise bold into a dawning day

As sun tips its filtering rays

over the horizon and grace

drips long and slow into

every crack and crevice

this is opportunity…

To begin again

To be set free

Forgiveness covers all our sin

and hope and joy are found in Him

We’re slowed down, stalled,

stuck fast, sidetracked,

but will never claw

our yesteryears back

Let dreams be birthed

Let sighs escape

Let creativity be worth

the effort it may take

Scrap and crumple

scrimp and save

but get those words

down on a page

For they are barren

inside your head

and what’s been dreamt

should now be said

Give them life

ignore the pain

It’s time to write

Begin again…


Linking here with Lisa-Jo and all the other brave and beautiful writers for #fiveminutefriday You are very welcome to join in. 


17 thoughts on “It’s time to start again

  1. ‘but get those words down on a page For they are barren
    inside your head’

    Absolutely loved these words really spoke to me. Beautiful! God Bless

    • Jaqui, I think I was speaking to myself as well here! Making a start is the only way to achieve an end result, though fear of failure can hold us back from beginning. And things often look better or provide an impetus to a new endeavour once they are on the page before us. May God bless your writing and inspire your words. 🙂 x

    • Thank you, Mary! I am delighted and honoured to have this post profiled on the Christian Poets and Writer blog, and hope and pray it will be a blessing to others. 🙂 x

  2. Oh, Joy! Just beautiful! I apologize for the delay in getting back to you. I’ve been at the Greater Philadelphia Christian Writer’s Conference all last week and into the weekend and you would have fit right in! There was a writing contest and I took first place in the Poetry by a Published Writer division – writing about writing. Much like this piece! So grand connect – keep the inspiration coming!

    • Hello Kathy. It’s lovely to see you here! No worries about any delay. You have been really busy and I am always happy to make a new friend whenever the occasion arises. Congratulations on your excellent win! Wow, how exciting for you! Will you be sharing the poem on your blog? I’d love to read it. Stay inspired. Blessings. 🙂

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