There goes summer

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It feels like summer has shied away from these shores. The days of sitting in a park reading a book seem long gone, unless we have our jeans and jackets on.

Maybe the UK gives it a chilly welcome to start with because it’s all so strange to us.

But we still have a deep appreciation for how it makes us feel.

For a few short weeks or months (if we are lucky) we can bathe in its rays. Allow skin to absorb some natural vitamin D. Let clothing and mood be light.

Make pretend we have days without end to linger, lounge and let loose. Night comes late and light seeps slow away.

Then just as we begin to stop moaning about the heat and start to enjoy the mediterranean-style food, feasting and feelings, it lifts its skirts and runs away.

Such is the position now.

August has been dire. All dirty rain, drear and gloom.

But hey, we Brits are made of stern stuff. We know how to laugh in the gales and smile through the showers, don’t we?

Or sit and reflect on season’s passing, as we enter a new season to live, love, learn and laugh at the days to come.

Or compose poetry that imagines the summer that never was. The one that got away, though we never did.

So here, in a last-ditch attempt to enjoy the season, I offer no deep thoughts or reflection today.

No, this is just a simple summery scene from the senses in gratitude for a gift of grace that often fades as swift as our tans. Though maybe a final flurry will warm our hearts before Autumn sets in.

Just because… life is too short to mourn what is lost and not embrace what lies ahead. And that’s a lesson for me as I slide ever closer toward a new decade and a new season to enjoy.

‘High summer’

Feathery quill strokes

soft across azure sky,

entrail cotton-wisps

threaded through the blue,

barely discernible hint

of shade or shadow

High summer living

ease-taking, merrymaking,

cares left to subside as bubbles

sparkling in water or wine

Dreamily drifting with eyes

closed tight against the sun

shaded by flick of hand,

with glasses swung on and off

as clothes get cast aside

and limbs bathe free

Chlorinated heat-waves

lapping over face and form

Shrieks and splashes sounding

muffled, entrenched as we are

in pursuit of floating oblivion,

relaxation, chilled-out living,

sunshine, sea and sweet savour

of pleasure ours for the taking


High summer living PJ file pin image

And here’s a little chill-out music to help you feel summery for just a bit longer…

4 thoughts on “There goes summer

  1. It is getting cooler here, too, in the Midwest of the U.S. When I took some soul rest time this morning in nature, I was kind of saddened to see all the signs that summer is leaving, but I told myself how each season has a reason and just rejoiced in the moment. I love your thoughts that “life is too short to mourn what is lost and not embrace what lies ahead.” 🙂 Thank you, Joy.

    • Trudy, I love the positivity in your words, “but I told myself how each season has a reason and just rejoiced in the moment” and the wisdom they encapsulate. If only we could live that way each and every day! I’m glad you found something to take away here from a post that is less reflective than usual. Thank you, friend. 🙂 x

  2. Hi Joy! I am so sorry that your summer is such a fleeting season in the UK. It’s been a moderate season there, but now that the kids are back in school, the heat is pouring on. Seems like a cruel joke really.
    I love the image of the bubbles sparkling in water or wine. So fresh and fun! But then, it does evaporate, just like the seasons.

    Enjoy the last few days of August. I hope you see the sun soon!

    • Hi Ceil. It’s good to see you here. I’m glad you liked that line of the poem as it’s one of my favourites too. Hope you can enjoy the final burst of heat while it lasts! Rumour has it that we’re in for a delayed ‘Indian summer’ in the UK over the next week or so. Funny how we all feel so much brighter when we see the sun shine and how swiftly mood dips whenever it vanishes for long periods. We’re all so changeable in our emotions, aren’t we? I think my tendency to have SAD influences this perspective. Blessings to you and yours. 🙂 x

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