Concealed and revealed

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We are like icebergs. Only a small part of the enormity of who we are is visible on the surface.

Much lies hidden. Concealed to the untrained eye or casual observer.

Strangers to ourselves, with our lives laid bare before God.

Nothing about you or I is a surprise to Him. We are fully known and we are completely loved and accepted.

Yet how hard it can be sometimes to see the ‘real’ me/you or accept who we are.

I am a composite reflection of all the people I’ve ever been ~ a girl-child, a lost soul, a teen, Jesus follower, wife and mother become grandma, who has a degree of God-given insight into her ways.

But I feel I’ll always be a bit of a mystery to myself, because who I am in Christ is an ongoing construction, ‘work in progress’ here and into eternity.

And the woman I am now is a just a snapshot of the experiences, thoughts and feelings that help make up my disposition, character and ways of reacting.

She is ineffably changed through her faith in Christ and inextricably linked to her life on earth.

Until.. Jesus returns to free us from its chains and reveal all that has lain concealed.

For now, I seek to be as authentic as I know how as I lean heavy on the Lord and learn from Holy Spirit-whispered insights.

To live out the hope within me, to reveal God’s goodness and grace, and conceal nothing that might help another soul feel less alone, or become blessed and encouraged by my testimony.

We can all be grace-imparters, joy-bringers and gift-givers to others, flawed and imperfect as we are.

‘Concealed and revealed’

I tried

concealing all my fears

to hide

a waterfall of tears

I shied

from confessing faults and flaws

My pride

wanted to slam such open doors


my heart and mind and will


I was far from capable

I cried

out to You in grief and pain

You pried

away all my guilt and shame

You died

to release me from death’s sting


me now, You bring Peace within

A flood

washes clean all earthly stain

Your blood

renews, makes me whole again


#1000gifts ~ I’m so grateful to God for some brief energy and inspiration to write today, especially when both have been in short supply lately!

Linking here today with Beth and  Holley, and other encouraging friends as we seek to share words to inspire and bless your heart.

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8 thoughts on “Concealed and revealed

  1. Hi Joy! Your image and quote are so beautiful Joy, I really love it. It does seem that I tend to hide my negative feelings, thinking that somehow they are unfaithful. But all they do is fester there, and make me even more unhappy.
    God wants to hear it all, the whole glacier! And when I trust him with all of me, he always blesses me with peace.
    Lovely words to day.

    • Hi Ceil. Thanks for sharing your thoughts here. I know I am guilty of the same things. It really helps to remind ourselves how “God wants to hear it all, the whole glacier!” as you so aptly describe it. And the glorious truth you share of the huge benefit of peace we receive when we do trust Him with everything. You bless me too, friend! 🙂 x

  2. Joy, this speaks to me in many ways. I think this stood out the most and is actually something I’m trying to write about >>> “Yet how hard it can be sometimes to see the ‘real’ me/you or accept who we are.”
    Beautiful. So wonderful to read your words again. Thank you for sharing with Three Word Wednesday. Blessings.

    • Beth, I am blessed and encouraged to hear how God has used these words to speak to you. May He bring peace and deep inner revelation as you work through the things He is laying on your heart to write about. It’s an honour to link up with you again, my friend. 🙂 x

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