Invitation to rest

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A new year unfurls slow, reluctant as snowdrops to show itself before due time.

Patience is required to see its full potential, the beauty it will bring forth arising from seeming deadness.

Life throbs beneath the surface; its urgent beat calling us to rise. There’s no time to lose. Let’s seize the day! Not a moment to waste.

Only… so many of us are just plain weary, worn-out and unwell or just sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.

We can barely get out of bed, never mind leave our mark on the day.

We sense sand slipping through our fingers and want to claw it back, halt the progress until we can face things again.

Or you may be fired up, all systems go, running on an adrenaline-fuelled rush. An eager-beaver racing against the clock.

However this day finds you, would you pause a while and let God refill and refuel you?

Will you come empty, with hands wide open, into His loving arms?

He is waiting to offer you rest, pour His peace into heart and mind as He shares His plans for you this year.

Come linger; come listen, draw near; come hear and be strengthened.

The invitation is always open. Are you ready?

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When I am busy and burdened,

You welcome me into Your rest

When I am cold, indifferent,

You welcome me into Your Love

When I am lost and lonely,

You welcome me into Your embrace

When I am poor and needy,

You welcome me into Your best

At all times

In all ways

You offer me a Home

A place of refuge

A safe haven

An oasis of peace

A covering of mercy

A hymn of praise

A way to be free

A mantle of grace


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I aim to make more space for resting in God because He has invited me to take ‘Rest’ as the defining #oneword365 for 2015. And it’s never been more needful as I try to recover from a bout of flu.

I hope you will be able to join me on the journey here and over at ‘Words of Joy’. as I explore the depths of rest. Your company is greatly appreciated.

Do you struggle with switching off, relaxing or resting as much as you need to?

Please feel free to share what helps or hinders your progress. I love to hear from you.

7 thoughts on “Invitation to rest

    • Hi Trudy. I’m so pleased these words spoke to you. We so often forget this is an always-forever open invitation from God. May you find the rest and peace you need to become refreshed and restored again in Him. 🙂 x

  1. Hi Joy! I love your lines about being invited into the Lord’s best. It seems so counterintuitive to see need as a place of rest. I see need as an invitation to fill that need, not rest! (blog post coming soon on this subject!) I am so happy that you have chosen ‘rest’ as your word for the year. Rest is good! Most of us, like me, are trying to catch up to your spiritual depth my friend.

    Hope today is a good one,

    • Hi Ceil. I totally agree with you how “It seems counter-intuitive to see need as a place of rest” because having needs seem to make us so restless until they are satisfied in one way or another. I’m very happy to have inspired you in your writing and humbled by your kindness. Any depth on display here is a complete act of grace and mercy on God’s part. Today is a better day, thank you. Your prayers are definitely working! And I will continue to pray for your recovery too. May you have peace and rest in abundance as you adjust to your changing circumstances. Have a blessed weekend! 🙂 x

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