Reverberations of grace

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God meets with us in the dust and detritus of our daily lives.

Here, right where we are, planted in ordinary, He grants us tastes of His extraordinary ways.

Sacred spaces exist in the secular. Holy sounds can be found all around.

And as I lay resting more than before, trying to recover from flu-induced extra weariness and weakness, God has been meeting with me most in the everyday.

Touching me with tenderness, revealing reminders of His grace, bringing beauty out of the ashes of adversity.

Yes, I yearn for strength, energy and ability to walk the earth, feel grass beneath my feet.

I long to be by the sea, sniff coastal breezes, breathe deep.

Yet here, confined as my life might currently be, there is no constraint which God’s Spirit cannot overcome.

He finds a way to whisper to hungry hearts, to touch limited lives with His liveliness.

Here’s what I heard while at rest recently…


Ripples of sound reverberate through

radiators like discordant chimes

They remind me of times when I can

blow hot and cold in my emotions

and require God’s radiant heat

to slow and steady me

with the warmth of its beat

Swish-bend of trees, reaching high

then low to earth is a dance

stirred by Holy Spirit sighs

And it reminds me of the need

to remain supple in my soul

while God oils each crack and crevice

of its bark to make me whole

White-plumped pillows cradling

my head as I slumber-rest

within this bed are reminders

of the way I’m held fast

in God’s loving embrace as He

speaks peace to soothe this hour

and gently smooth out the days

Curtains closed to guard light-wary

eyes against invading bright rays

provide a shield whereby

I’m reminded of protection

from above, where worldly

darkness can never conceal

penetrating grace and love


 *Manna crumbs*

Bread baked for me image on WoJ

 Home comforts:hot drinks, meals, company and conversation, bed, quiet and dark where needed

Symptoms less severe, improvement knocking at the door, healing closer than before

Being soothed by God’s voice when my soul grows fretful, noisy in its haste to be well

Given whispered poetic words to share 

Seeing grace reverberating in daily life ~ here, there and everywhere ~ #1000gifts of grace

10 thoughts on “Reverberations of grace

    • I agree, Trudy. It is blessing indeed “when God reveals His extraordinary ways in the midst of ordinary days” and touches earth with a glimpse of heaven. Thank you for your kindness. This cracked pot is happy to shine for the Lord in her brokenness and woundedness! Blessings and hugs to you. xox

      • “This cracked pot is happy to shine for the Lord in her brokenness and woundedness!” This touched a hurting place within me, Joy. I have to remember that even though we’re feeling broken and wounded, the Lord can still shine His love through us. Thank you for the reminder.

      • Trudy, I see it in you, in the words you share, in your transparency which speaks volumes to other hurting souls.You already are shining bright in your brokenness and bringing glory to God. xox

  1. Hi Joy! As I read your poem, I found myself tearing up. How I relate to your reflections and feelings, as you well know. I just wrote in my journal something like your thoughts on the Holy Spirit. How he moves and enlivens anywhere, any place.

    Sink into the softness of your pillows my friend. Know that the Lord is right there, in every breathing minute, bringing his peace and healing. May my prayers accompany him too.

    • Hi Ceil. Thank you so much for your kind thoughts, empathy and prayers; they are greatly appreciated! It was soothing and restful to be given ‘permission’ as such to “sink into the softness of your pillows” because I often feel I am wasting time while taking necessary naps and rest periods. But I know my body won’t heal or recover well from the flu without them, never mind have energy or strength for the day ahead.

      How lovely to think of the Lord being right here with me “in every breathing minute, bringing his peace and healing” as you so beautifully put it. I will hold that in mind as I surrender to stillness and rest! Your words have brought peace to my soul. Sending hugs and healing prayers your way too, my friend. 🙂 x

    • Oh, Kimmie, I am greatly blessed and encouraged by your friendship and visit here! Thank you so much for your sweet concern. I am slowly regaining some strength and ability to throw off the awful symptoms that have plagued me since Christmas. God is good! He is the Healer and Restorer of our minds, bodies and lives. May you sense His healing touch and grace today. Blessings and love. xox

    • Thank you! I agree that those “most ordinary or mundane” moments are often the best ones of all to hear from and meet with God. May you be blessed by eternal encounters in the everyday. 🙂

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