Words ebb and flow

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Inspiration is a strange thing, ethereal and ephemeral, often inexplicable.

Words cab ebb and flow like the tide:sometimes a tsunami of them stirs the depths, at others a slight swell sweeps the sand.

A mere hint or whisper of their presence, a gentle trickle waiting to become a surging sea.

A book, a song, a scent or sight all add up to things which awaken the artist within.

Words sing into our ears from various sources as God whispers:”Look.. listen.. pay attention.”

I’ve found that when I allow space for silence and room for reading more of what feeds my soul, then I increase my ability to hear from Him.

Those words I receive dance in my heart, find a home in my soul, resonate in my spirit, fire my imagination and inspire my thinking.

Such is the case when I see the word for ‘Five Minute Friday’, pause a bit to ponder and pray and then write out what I’m hearing.

The poem below was birthed in this way. It may have taken a bit more than the allotted five minutes to write because sometimes we are so in the flow it feels impossible to stop, yes?

So here is my best poetic heart offering on the word ‘Rise’.  I am joining Kate and fellow fearless Five Minute Friday writers today for this great creative writing exercise where we pour out our imperfect words like water and share them in encouraging community.

And if your creative spark feels dim or words lie irretrievably stuck like a stagnant pond? Maybe God is calling you to rest, relax, let go and be open to their arrival at a time of His choosing. 

For we often need periods of pulling back to become refuelled and refreshed before we can enter the stream of writing again. Rest assured they will return soon; words will rise reliable as the tide.


‘Words rise’

Words rise in my head

Spilling from the heart

Aching to be shared

Longing to be heard

Seeking to be said

And I pause a while

Because unless they

are inspired by God’s grace

then my words will fail,

fall flat upon the page,

be lifeless, dull and pale

When God’s vital, energising spark

ignites deep into my soul

flames spread, rise higher

as a gathering heat and fire

And I know, despite my own

weakness, emptiness and lack

I cannot refrain; despite sting

of shame, I cannot even try

to stem the tide, hold back

They flow easy like water

running over stone

And reach the shores

of another’s heart

where they rise to find

a welcome and a home



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6 thoughts on “Words ebb and flow

  1. As a poet and writer myself, I absolutely loved this post! So much authentic truth to this post. And that poem…..gorgeous!! I was able to write a poem on my blog earlier this week. I cannot remember the last time I was able to write a poem. Stopping by from the linkup where I am #15.

    • Hi Tara. Thanks so much for stopping by. It’s always good to meet a fellow writer/poet! I’ve just hopped over to your place and read your lovely FMF post, and lingered over your sweet poem too. These words spoke most to me:
      “I watch the rain fall.
      And as it falls, I take my finger fresh with new water droplets,
      Mark the sign of the cross on my forehead;
      A simple reminder of who and whose I am” Oh yes, simple but very effective! Thank you for sharing. Bless you, friend. 🙂 x

  2. Joy, Thanks for stopping by my blog. I was so blessed to come here and read your words. Simply and profoundly true. And this: “They flow easy like water running over stone And reach the shores of another’s heart where they rise to find a welcome and a home” So masterful! A perfect description of why and how I strive to write, as a conduit of Him. So great to meet you through FMF! 🙂 Katy

    • Hi Katy. You’re very welcome. It’s a pleasure to see you here too! I’m delighted you’ve found some words to speak to your heart. Keep on writing, friend! Happy to meet you too. Do drop in again. Blessings. 🙂 x

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