Learning to release

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Days go by and we feel strangely heavy, our souls saturated, weighed down to ground.

Sometimes it’s hard to put our finger on why we are so lethargic and laden.

Sometimes we fail to see what burdens we are carrying, accustomed as we are to their presence.

Sometimes it takes a final filling, a last straw load to tip us over.

And a whispered reminder from Holy Spirit.

He calls soft across the shadows of our mind, His voice gaining urgency to alert our attention.

He warns us we are already full to overflowing in the way we so often try to live life unaided by His grace.

And He speaks wisdom to our spirit. A voice we know yet seldom heed in our pursuit of more, of enough, of extra stuff.

We receive a gentle reminder of Who is our Burden-bearer and how He stands ready to catch us when we falter and fall.

A call to relinquish, let go, release, relax our tight grip on it all.

Stop… Pause… Breathe… Pray.

A call to pursue God, yield to grace, be filled with Holy Spirit gifts rather than heavy with worldly worries and cares.

Because living lightly and freely is God’s plan for you and me.


You surround me like ocean undertow

But I don’t see Your sacred sea

when my eyes are fixed to ground

picking up problem-pebbles in my hand

I examine each and every one

Note each mark, each line and scar

Reluctant to release them

even though my hands overflow

Then I hear a whisper on the wind

calling across the ripples

of my troubled mind

An invitation to let go

Focus my gaze on You alone

instead of holding on to sharp

stones biting into skin

My fingers slowly uncurl

Feeling strangely vacant, light

Watching mesmerised

as each pebble thuds hard

into the sand, until I am

left with empty, open hands

reaching out to You ~ unfurled


“Casting the whole of your care (all your anxieties, all your worries, all your concerns, once and for all) on Him, for He cares for you affectionately and cares about you watchfully” ~ 1 Peter 5:7

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14 thoughts on “Learning to release

  1. You have painted such an inspiring picture in this poem, Joy. I can just feel myself clutching those problem pebbles as they cut deeper into my hands, Jesus invitation to look to Him and let go, and my running to Him with open hands of trust as I finally let those pebbles drop. Thank you, Joy! Hugs!

    • Thank you, Trudy. It helps to have ways of remembering to let our burdens go and release every care into God’s hands, doesn’t it? We’re all so apt to forget to do that. May you experience soul calm and peace as those problem-pebbles fall from your hands and into His. Blessings and hugs. Xx 🙂

  2. Dearheart, this is almost exactly how the Lord taught me to pray about my problems a couple of months ago – by placing each one like a pebble in the sand around the edges of his glory. Why should I be surprised that a kindred spirit is told the same thing in a way so special to her? Love, love love this. xxx

    • Dear Keren, it’s wonderful how God reveals His ways to His children in a similar fashion so we can see how He works in their lives too, and marvel afresh at His grace being affirmed in ours! I’m not surprised that one such as you with an ever-attentive ear to the ground should hear likewise. It’s lovely to be kindred spirits sharing His illumination together. I’m so pleased this post has spoken to you. Xox 🙂

  3. These words are so beautiful and full of God’s wisdom. I love the imagery. I really understand this – “Sometimes we fail to see what burdens we are carrying, accustomed as we are to their presence.” How very true. We don’t even understand our own needs. We are so in need of God’s healing presence in our lives.
    Many blessings to you Joy,

    • “We are so in need of God’s healing presence in our lives” Amen, my friend! Many blessings to you too, Kamea. I hope to get back to you soon about guest posting. I haven’t forgotten! 🙂 x

  4. “Sometimes we fail to see what burdens we are carrying, accustomed as we are to their presence.” Oh, Joy, your words describe me so well. I am carrying around so much and it seems to settle in my neck and shoulders with a lot of tightness and achiness. And yet, I have failed to actually stop and spend longer times in the Word and prayer. I know how much I need it and I still let things interfere, and so I continue to carry the burdens. I haven’t even written anything in over a week, but I know the inspiration will come.

    How refreshing to read your words and esp. the photo-graphic! What a perfect description of letting those stones go. Thank you for encouraging me today. I have some time right now, and I’m going to go spend it with my Lord.

    Many blessings love and hugs to you, dear sister!! xoxo

    • Oh, Gayl, I know all too well how burdens can settle like lumpy rocks in our necks and shoulders, adding weight, aches and stiffness that impede our movements. Writing and hunching over screens can do that to us too, can’t it? Pausing to become aware of just what we are carrying within, and how it affects our mind and body, is essential in seeking to deal with it. Maybe, like your sore neck and shoulders, words might need to rest a while, ease themselves slowly, wait to unfurl at God’s will, instead of being hurried by a harassed heart. It’s good to let them marinate in our minds sometimes. I think your work will be all the richer for time spent gently pondering and praying, my friend. Thank you for taking time to read and digest these words. I’m honoured to see you here, sweet sister! Thinking of and praying for you to know just when to release those precious written gems and when to let go of those heavy stones holding you back from feeling free. Blessings, love and hugs to you! xoxo

      • Joy, thank you for your gentle encouragement! Yes, sometimes the words need to marinate. I did take time to read and pray. Then I colored a page in a Psalms coloring book my daughter gave me. The verse reminded me of God’s majesty and strength. Psalm 93:4 “Mightier than the thunder of the great waters, mightier than the breakers of the sea—the Lord on high is mighty.” He is strong and I need to give my burdens to Him as you so beautifully illustrated.

        Blessings and love to you, dear Joy! xoxo

      • Gayl, it sounds as if you took the necessary soul care measures to help you to rest, relax and unwind. God tends to whisper to us most when we give Him quiet space in which to speak. Once my body aches a little less, I’m hoping to indulge in some adult colouring, having bought myself a Scripture-themed book for that specific purpose at Christmas time and neglected to use it yet! May you rest well, dear friend. Blessings and love! xo 😊 💜

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