Youth blooms eternal

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Music speaks into the air.

We sway soft, holding one another close, watching years roll away.

Laughter erupts and we collapse onto the sofa.

I sit on his knee and we kiss.

I see a gleam in the eyes of this man I’ve known and loved since forever.

Youth blooms eternal in a heart that loves. Age is no barrier.

We warm ourselves by its fire, persuade its embers into life again, coax the coals.

Others pay attention, attracted like moth to flame, desiring the heat of it.

Although our human love is but a poor, pale shadow of God’s love, it glows with hint and suggestion of His radiance.

Hearts hungry for love sense a longing echoing in their own souls.

And as my beloved and I come closer toward a significant wedding anniversary, we do so with humble gratitude, awe and wonder.

Because this love we’ve been given, shared soul deep, fought hard to retain over years of fears and tears, has survived against the odds and never lost its fire and fervour.

So I make no apology for posting about love this month as I reflect on the gift we’ve been given and the years shared.

Here’s the first small offering… a potential poem for my forthcoming anthology?.. You can decide.

Watching Muse
We’re watching Muse on the TV
our voices joining in
with the melody
in our own idiosyncratic
cracked and rusty way
And it doesn’t matter that
I’m applying your Parkinson patch
as we dance clumsily as one
or that I sway uneasily
on these weak, arthritic knees
What matters is the unleashed
joy as giggles erupt free
and we clutch one another
in imperfect harmony
with a youthful abandon
and familiar, ancient ease

couple dancing

8 thoughts on “Youth blooms eternal

  1. Oh, Joy, I was in tears reading this. So, so beautiful… I can see you there, the two of you, and it’s a precious site! I think this is the most beautiful thing you’ve ever written (at least, the most beautiful I’ve read)

    Happy Anniversary to you both (in case I forget on the 12th) 🙂 God bless you both x

    • Oh, Kimmie, how sweet of you to let me know how this post has moved you! You may like the other love poems that are likely to be included in the forthcoming anthology. They’re my favourite things to write, even when revealing love’s painful side. Thanks very much for the anniversary wishes. We do hope to be able to make it out to church that day as it falls on the right date. But I’ve been too unwell to get to services for a few years. So prayers are going up! 🙂 x

    • No worries. All writers worth their salt are subject to a typo or two. Getting words down is the important thing. We can always use spell-check afterwards! And you do express yourself beautifully. 🙂 ❤

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