Being the beloved

being the beloved PJ pin

Our insecure hearts seek signs of belonging.

Our minds ache for reassurance.

Our bodies seek to express love to others.

And when I am held in my beloved’s embrace, the inner turmoil melts away.

Concerns may sit heavy but they become lighter for being shared silently.

As he reaches for me I feel wanted, loved, cherished, accepted just as I am.

I can finally be fully myself with this man who knows me so well, who has partnered me for almost 40 years.

Words become unnecessary as we lean into one another. We speak each other’s language now.

Marriage made us as one and we remain so, even as life’s challenges and painful circumstances have tried to pull us apart.

Troubles are shared with kisses. Joy is magnified in the melding, in the overcoming, in the giving and receiving.

And in these heart to heart, soul to soul embraces we are reminded of the way God is continually holding us safe and pouring His unconditional love out upon us.

Because this love of ours has been sustained solely by His grace, nurtured by holy fire, stuck fast by faith.

We love because He first loves us. He is our pattern and example. The glue in this marriage.

And His arms of love never grow weary. We will always be welcome there.

God rejoices when we learn how to accept His love and live in the knowledge of being the beloved.

Arms of Love

Arms of love encircle me

holding secure and steady

as I finally exhale, release

breathe soft and calm

feeling prepared and ready

to accept and believe

hear and receive

that as beloved arms

encompass round

God’s Spirit hovers

without a sound, yet

speaking things He wants

to urgently impart

into the very depths

of my insecure heart

saying, “You are safe; you are loved

You are beautiful; you are enough

You are free – just trust in me”


love WoJ + PJ

15 thoughts on “Being the beloved

  1. Visiting from next door on #TellHisStory. What a beautiful tribute to marriage, and God as the glue is so true, such a profound testimony of God’s grace strengthening our marriages! Love the tender embrace, helps to remind me of doing that more with my husband! And such a precious poem to wrap such heartfelt writing!

    • HI Lisa. It’s the first time someone has clicked to read a post based solely on the image! Your lovely words have blessed and encouraged me. Thank you! 🙂

  2. So beautiful, Joy. We are blessed to have husbands who know us sometimes better than we do ourselves. 🙂 It soothes my heart to read what God’s Spirit wants to impart to us –
    “You are safe; you are loved
    You are beautiful; you are enough
    You are free – just trust in me”
    Oh, how I need to remember this! Thank you, friend. Hugs!

    • Trudy, those words are special to me too and I definitely need a regular reminder of this truth of who we are in Christ. Our husbands are such a gift of grace, aren’t they? Blessings and hugs to you, dear friend. 🙂 x

    • I agree, Christina; it’s always good to remind ourselves of the welcome we have in God’s arms. And I am thankful or these reassuring words He gave me to share. Blessed by your visit. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

    • Oh poor you! I know how painful such things can be. Take very good care of yourself, Sheila. I’m honoured to see you here, especially when you’re suffering as you are. Thanks very much for taking the time and trouble to read and leave a lovely comment. I really appreciate it. Blessings and gentle hugs returned to you. 🙂 x

  3. Beautiful poem Joy, Wishing you and hubs a very Happy Anniversary, and many more years together…embraced 🙂 x

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