Reflections of grace

sunset reflection

Even as we live out our unexceptional, hum-drum, wondrous lives we are reflections of God’s grace, mirrors of His glory.

It’s an awesome calling for every blood-bought son and daughter.

And an amazing privilege.

Most of the time we’re oblivious to the impact we have on others, unaware of  how much God may be using us to be light and salt in a needy world.

Perhaps that’s just as well.

Pride lurks close to our hearts and would have a field day if it saw the quiet, unseen influence we are having.

But the wonder of it all is how our dim light still reflects God’s glory, seen best in our faulty and flawed brokenness, our wounded lives.

He pours out of whatever crack or crevice we provide.

The more we feel unworthy, the more we are prospective channels of grace.

A willing, receptive heart is all He asks for.

A surrendered spirit.

A set apart soul.

And in all the 40 years I’ve been married to my beloved, I have seen him mirror God’s love to me time without number.

Because he loves as openly and unconditionally as any man can.

He always believes for the best, hopes for better, forgives me over and over again.

Sees portent of promise and potential in me long before it creeps into my consciousness or actions.

He makes allowances for all I am and breathing space for all I’m still becoming.

I still struggle to see myself as he sees me, rather as I so often fail to see myself as I fully am In Christ.

But I’m learning – to accept his love, believe in his (somewhat biased) perspective and relax into its promise.

The poem below appears in the anniversary card I’ll be giving to him this Sunday morning.


In your eyes I see

reflections of all

I truly long to be

A woman of wisdom

A thing of joy and beauty

A person of great worth

And in our marriage unity

we reflect the complexity

of the 3 strand cord

A blessed trinity

A depth of love

A mirroring of God

Earth stands in awe

of holy intimacy


reflections poem pin PJ

8 thoughts on “Reflections of grace

    • Hi Carol. Thanks for visiting! It’s not easy to capture “the essence of marriage” because it can look very different to each one of us. I’m encouraged to hear how this post has blessed you.

  1. Thanks so much for the words of love and comfort. And marriage portrays that love in a human way. Appreciate you sharing. Visiting from The Weekend Brew.

    • Hi. Yes, marriage is a reflection of God’s love as it is worked out in a human, imperfect way. Even so, it can be a thing of grace and beauty because God works in and through us to make it a wonderful union of two souls. I appreciate you stopping by from The Weekend Brew!

  2. This is so beautiful! How glorious it is to have a marriage that reflects each other with God at the center. Your words touched me as I reflect upon my own marriage that ended 9 years ago. Treasure the beautiful gift that you have with each other. Blessed you shared this at The Weekend Brew.

    • Hi Mary. Sadly, it has taken my husband and I almost 40 years to be able to say together that we “have a marriage that reflects each other with God at the centre” because my painful past blocked feelings for me and stopped the full expression of them. But God stepped in, healed my wounded emotions and made me aware that He has placed a wonderful, faithful man by my side and I could finally relax into loving and appreciating him better. Thank you for reading and leaving a lovely comment. Blessings to you. 🙂 x

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