Having an autumnal heart

autumnal bench

Leaves are singing their swansong, a drifting dance of death as they fall to ground.

Some float freely, still retaining some buoyancy and remnants of yellowing life.

Others scatter on the wind as crisped golden-russet confetti flakes.

Fit only to be trodden on, while we wait for bridal snow to appear as winter hovers on the threshold.

And my soul sits heavy some days, a slow dying on the inside whenever M.E fatigue droops me to bed, reddens these eyes and forces a body to lean into rest.

Oh how I need enlivening on days when the spark seems missing! Maybe you do too, my friend? Let’s pray…

Dear Lord,

I feel autumnal dry, parched on the inside.

Begin with my heart. Set it on fire with your enlivening spark.

Let it take root there, at the centre of all things, deep in my soul where you make me whole.

Fan into flame my feeble frame. Stir this dust into something more than ashes.

Give a kiss of life to my lethargic mind.

Sweep out the cobwebs. Make room for a shift in perspective.

Teach my soul to sing a new song. Ready me to receive renewed joy of my salvation.

And whisper close. Hold me as I muse on these muddy, maladroit days.

Remind me that Love is always with me; I only need to see and open my heart to receive it.

Then let me be seated, at rest in Love’s embrace.

Wait to be filled to overflowing until I am ready to be poured out again.

Thank you.


A vessel to be filled

Lord Jesus come,

to my autumnal heart

I need your Love

Without it I wither,

curl up small and die

on the inside

crumble, fall apart

My light and life weaken

without the infilling and

spilling – I desperately need

restoration by radiance

Flood my being with

searing heat of grace

the fierce warm fire

of your Love’s embrace

Here I stand with

aching, empty hands

ready and willing

to accept and receive

A vessel to be filled

then give out freely and

help others to believe


Linking here with Holley at Coffee for Your Heart and Jennifer at Tell His Story

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10 thoughts on “Having an autumnal heart

  1. Hello my friend…praying a breath of lush summery love and light floods your heart today. I am sorry you are feeling parched today and that you struggle physically. May Christ’s love and grace renew and revitalize you. Blessings and hugs…

    • Hello Sheila, I feel better for the sunshine brightness of your smiling face! It’s good to see you here, my friend. This may be a bad season for me in some ways but God is liberally pouring out His goodness and grace. Thank you for your sweet concern and prayers. They are greatly appreciated. Blessings and hugs.. 🙂 x

    • Aritha, I will join you in that prayer. We could all use a touch from above to revitalise our days! Thank you for stopping by and for understanding how things can be challenging. Bless you, friend. 🙂 x

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