This is my calling

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Finding our calling in life can feel like looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack.

How do we separate out the wheat from the chaff?

We look for a way forward and find ourselves going in circles.

How can we decide what to focus on to the exclusion of other things, or which path to pursue if we neglect another?

Because in seeking the best we may have to lay aside what seems better, or worthy of our attention.

Perhaps it’s not necessarily a vocation, a task which only we can do, a unique way of life.

Maybe our calling is more of a recognition of what really matters to us, what fuels our passions and drives our desires.

That used to be nursing for me, becoming a wife and raising a family. Then it became more about seeing what God laid on my heart, supporting others who are sick and struggling with chronic illness, being a writer and encourager.

As I pondered on the word ‘calling’ I was drawn more to reveal its hidden depths than to dwell on a single thing of significance.

And as a Christian, I consider above all things that my calling is to live a surrendered, authentic life in the light of God’s Word, by the power of His Spirit and in obedience to Him.

It will be a pathway that others follow, but it will look different on each one of us as we live out our unique, God-given place and purpose in this world.

This is my calling

This life which I own as mine

Days unfolding over time

This is my calling

The way I make my faith-walk

How I behave and how I talk

This is my calling

Being seen and being heard

as I share God’s saving Word

This is my calling

Listening and being aware

what, when, where I need to share

This is my calling

Encouraging others and being kind

Turning the cheek, trying not to mind

This is my calling

Seeing and sensing God’s hand in this world

Helping His purpose become unfurled

This is my calling


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This post is the first part of #31days of five-minute-free-writes as prompted by the #FMF writing community. You can see the writing prompts for the rest of October and find out more here.


I’ll be taking part on an ad hoc basis as and when I have energy and inspiration enough to do  so. You’re warmly invited to join us.

6 thoughts on “This is my calling

  1. I love this deeper perspective of “calling,” Joy. To live a “surrendered, authentic life in the light of God’s Word, by the power of His Spirit and in obedience to Him.” Blessings and hugs!

    • Thanks, Trudy. It’s one I pray for the gifting and grace to live out, and something I’m deeply grateful to be called to do. Blessings and hugs to you too, my friend. x

  2. Hello my friend. Our calling is our passion, our desire, what drives us. And our calling is all those things He has planned for us…to obey and trust Him, to love Him and all others, and to create from our hearts what only we can give. Thank you for your beautiful contributions through your poetry. xxoo

    • Sheila, I see your calling to speak into the hearts of women, offering hope of seeing change for the better and positive God-given suggestions to help heal, restore and strengthen marriages. That’s an awesome calling, my friend! I love your beautiful contributions of grace too. Xox 🙂

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