find joy in being true to yourself



Be bold. Shine out God’s glory. You were made for more than ordinary. You are created for such a time as this, a time to be all you’re intended to be.

You may feel fragile, weak and weary, fearful and hesitant, wanting to hang back from the crowd. Others may consider you to be of no significance, but God sees the beauty, potential and promise within.

Let your head be lifted high. His desires for you won’t outrun His capacity to give to you. God doesn’t leave us defenceless. He provides for every contingency.

Maybe you’ve been used to cowering, hiding away while others take the forefront. Maybe you’ve ruled yourself out on some pretext or other, convinced yourself you’re no use to God or others, have nothing of value to offer.

Please don’t buy into that lie! You are of great worth and value – right now, Just As You Are on the way to all you are becoming by God’s grace. You don’t have to take a course, pretty yourself up, make a recognisable mark with your art, perfect your prose or poetry.

Your own unique version of creativity will bring a measure of joy to this world, if you are willing to unleash and unfurl it little by little, one small bit at a time. Trust in God. Trust in the process itself.

Find joy in the journey by being true to who God created you to be. He doesn’t make mistakes. No-one else can create in the exact same way as you can. And that’s a freeing thought. Only you can excel at being you. Failure is a word others may choose to judge us by; it’s not a measure of our ability, but rather a stepping stone to improvement and change.

Your circumstances may have drained and depleted vital energy but they cannot steal the central core of who you are. Stay true to the way you do things, while you learn and grow your expertise and lean on God for everything.

Because guess who is continually cheering you on from the sidelines (apart from me and a whole host of unseen witnesses)? It’s none other than your loving heavenly Father who gets excited every time you decide to trust in His leading and guiding. He’s beaming proudly at His beautiful daughter, saying, “that’s my girl!”

Here are a few life lessons to aid your progress:

  • unleash your art
  • trust your heart
  • make and create
  • it’s never too late
  • listen and learn
  • grow wise and discern
  • enjoy all gainful employ
  • keep journeying into joy

God is right there with you every step of the way, every single day. Take holy courage as your badge of belonging to Christ.


Welcome to #day11 of #31days of journeying into joy. I want to offer you a fresh infusion of encouragement today as we continue this journey, because parts of it are hard and challenging to traverse.

I also want to remind you of just how much God loves, approves of and celebrates YOU! ❤


16 thoughts on “find joy in being true to yourself

  1. Dear Joy, Your words here “Take holy courage as your badge of belonging to Christ” speak of such deep grace to me today. I appreciate so much that you come alongside those of us who read your words, and yes, you do cheer us on, but more than that, you point us to the HOLY, to the One who brings us the courage that is true. May HE bring you that same encouragement today, my friend. xoxo

    • Dear Bettie, so often courage feels thin on the ground, even as I seek to encourage others. Maybe those who try to pour it out tend to forget to become replenished themselves? I am slowly learning that all courage is God-given. we have the silent roar of the Lion of Judah on the inside of us, imparting courage enough to begin again each day and renewed strength for all we need to do. It’s through engagement here and friendships made online that God seems to be infusing me most with His sweet encouragement. Blessed as always to have your friendship, support and encouragement, my friend! xoxo

    • Hi Tiffany! I’m grateful to have been given such an uplifting word to share here. Bless you for reaffirming the wonderful truth that “there is freedom in embracing who He created us to be.” Lovely to see you here. xo ❤

  2. My heart smiles to think of our Father beaming proudly, “That’s my girl!” Thanks for the hope you have given here, Joy. So many years I have fallen for the lie that I have nothing of value to offer, but God is step by step leading me to His truth that we are wonderfully made, not wrongfully made. And He has a special purpose for each of us and has placed us in a vast field of so many needing His hope. Blessings and hugs to you!

    • Trudy, from my limited earthly perspective I see you have a great deal to offer. Your blog alone reveals a woman chasing hard after God’s heart, while being a wonderful means of grace, hope and encouragement to others, even as the painful things of her past and physical ailments try to sink her with discouragement. I’m so glad to have been a means whereby God could whisper His great love and encouragement deeper into your soul.
      Keep on smiling, friend, and keep on hanging on to the truth in words you have shared here: “He has a special purpose for each of us and has placed us in a vast field of so many needing His hope.” So many know you as a cheerleader and safe harbour of hope, and that’s a precious role indeed. Blessings and hugs! xox

  3. I love this post. So much THIS: “Your own unique version of creativity will bring a measure of joy to this world, if you are willing to unleash and unfurl it little by little, one small bit at a time. Trust in God. Trust in the process itself.”

    • Tara, may those words encourage you to continue to write your story, pen those poems, put prose thoughts on your blog and reflect on the unique beauty of creativity which God has placed inside of you. xo 💜

  4. “that’s my girl”!! love this and will pass it on to my friend who needs to hear God’s delight in her, just the way He made her. thank you!

  5. Thank you, Joy. This really encouraged me today. It’s so lovely to think of God cheering us on, to know that we can bring him joy by being who he has created us to be and that he give us all we need.

    • Lesley, it’s lovely to know you have been encouraged here today. May that sense of being God’s precious beloved daughter help shape your outlook as you face each new day. May you lift your head high, no matter what comes your way, because what matters most is that you matter greatly to God. Bless you, friend. xo ❤

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