seeing by the light of a silvery moon



I prefer subdued hues. Bright light doesn’t feature much in our house as I live with my mole-like tendencies. Others adjust – or offer a few seconds warning if they actually want enough light to see something properly.

It’s a hypersensitivity thing induced by having M.E, and it’s a personal preference when a world seems to shout for attention. I love deep and muted shades, softness and calm, though the world invades all too frequently with harshness, glare, noise and storm.

So I tend to want to lower the lights, dim things in my home, turn away from loud and fast and furious. Maybe that’s why I love clouds so much. They’re soft white fluffy pillows floating in azure seas, gilded golden layers revealing sunset’s splendour, or dark brooding heaviness waiting to rain refreshment on us.

My window watching and cloud gazing bring me joy. I could easily lose myself in them, desire to float serenely like they do. I also enjoy clouds when they’re stirred by wind’s breath, blown asunder at the onset of thunder, shredded by strong wind, torn into wispy cotton-wool threads on gentler days.

The moon also brings me joy. Each varied cratered face she shows is a marvel to behold. It doesn’t matter what stage she is at, if she’s displaying a crescent curve smile, suggestive half halo or full gleaming globe, they are all lovely in my eyes.

This poem grew out of observing a silvery moon…

Silvery moon

Sky hangs heavy with shades

of liquid milky-grey

as silvery moon swims and

bathes her benevolent gaze

upon a world melting

all too soon into fading

light while night usurps the day


Today, I invite you to spend some time looking out the window, or going outside. Take a while to breathe and enjoy the moment, to see and savour signs of creation’s beauty.

And if that seems impossible or invisible to you because of your less than salubrious surroundings, I understand the dilemma, I really do. Few of my photos get shared before being cropped and edited.

Maybe you could try to aim your gaze higher or zoom in on smaller things in the frame of your fixing. Keep looking, say a prayer and ask God to reveal what grace gifts lay literally at your feet, or out the window for you to view.

We journey deeper into joy whenever we can see creation’s beauty and become more appreciative of the world around us. Maybe it will stir gratitude, a prayer, a few whispers from God, a desire to try to capture something in words or via a lens. I’d love you to let me know what you discover, and how joy is unfolding for you.




Welcome to #day12  of #write31days – where we are discovering ways of  journeying into joy.

I so appreciate you being here, supporting and praying for me as I aim to write more frequently this month. 🙂

8 thoughts on “seeing by the light of a silvery moon

  1. Beautiful, Joy! When I go outside I always look up higher. If I look down I see woods creeping, trying to take over. I see all the work that needs to be done, but when I look up all I see is beauty and that refreshes me. It helps me have a better perspective on what does need to be done and somehow I can face it better.

    I’m enjoying your 31 day series of searching for joy. Blessings to you!

    • Gayl, I’m pleased to hear that in the looking higher you gain a renewed perspective and some soul refreshment which is not so available to you when eyes are cast down to ground. Practical matters have their day and time to be attended to, but soul food is just as necessary to our health and welfare. Keep looking up, my friend, and enjoy the view! xo

  2. Joy, I loved the thought of cropping the vision that we have of our surroundings, in the same way we would crop our photos! This journey into joy is helping me to look for the beauty hidden in my days that feel grey and colorless, and the nights that seem too long. That “silvery moon” . . . and those “clouds blown asunder,” your words touch a hidden place in my HEART, and bring me to the feet of Jesus. Thank you for continuing to share, even when I know your days are long and hard too. –Blessings and Hugs!

    • Bettie, it’s good to know you are being encouraged to look for the beauty hidden in your days. It’s a practice which has brought me a great deal of pleasure and joy, especially during days that “feel grey and colourless and the nights that seem too long.” And I think I need to take cropping the vision more to heart in general, because we can so easily become overwhelmed when we look around at all the undone tasks and lists of necessities that we need to pay attention to, if only we had sufficient strength or energy to deal with them! Maybe honing in on the beauty before us and the little things we actually have managed will bring more joy our way. Worth a try! Bless you, sweet friend. xo

  3. Gorgeous photo and poem. I love when God shows off like that. And THIS: “We journey deeper into joy whenever we can see creation’s beauty and become more appreciative of the world around us. Maybe it will stir gratitude, a prayer, a few whispers from God, a desire to try to capture something in words or via a lens.” All ways the Word is made flesh in our world 🙂

    • Michael, you have such beautiful scenery where you live, so I’m not surprised to hear you are enjoying God’s creation around you. I love the images you share on your blog! Bless you for faithfully reading and sharing my words. I am grateful you are part of this community and humbly thankful for your kindness! 🙂

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