thoughts on being a joyful giver


It is said that it’s more blessed to give than to receive. I always derive more pleasure from picking out gifts for others rather than opening my own, though they are greatly appreciated, of course. I guess I dislike being the centre of attention, or getting another year older!

When it comes to gift giving it truly is the thought that counts. We regularly receive a card through the post – proper snail mail no less – from a dear friend of ours who not only supports us in prayer but also remembers that we once used to be church members. Our faces remain largely forgotten, even our names cause puzzled faces, so long has our absence been. But to this kind lady we are still friends she treasures and fondly remembers.

I think the gift is more the encouragement of being prayed for and thought about than the card itself and small token she sometimes sends. To be held in prayer and thought of in love is no small thing. It has seen us through some very painful times.

Sometimes it is humbling to receive, especially when we’re in straightened circumstances. But we negate the potential blessing if we fail to give or receive out of embarrassment or indifference. A tender heart and listening ear will help us to be sensitive to the best timing as well as the most appropriate gift we can offer someone.

Maybe God is calling you to consider different ways of being a giver? It’s less about splashing the cash and more about expending time, thought and prayer. Our attitude matters most. God loves a cheerful giver who reveals the way He loves to give to us – freely, liberally, lavishly, generously – and radiates His loving-kindness.

God wants us to give out of a heart of love and compassion, shaped by Holy Spirit inspiration and direction. He will show us the best way to offer help and support to others as we learn to be joyful givers and grateful recipients.

Dear Father,

May we always remember to be kind, act lovingly, show mercy

As we give to others let us do so from a heart of gratitude,

not out of guilt. Show us just how much has been given to us,

so we do not become mean gleaners but gracious givers


Remind us how everyone we meet has deep secret needs

There is pain and strife, wounds are present in every life

There is an ache inside, a void only you can fill

Sadness invades us, as does grief. Every life sits in shade

sometimes. Every person is in pursuit of peace and ease


May we be given eyes to see, hearts full of compassion,

a willingness to be your hands and feet in a needy

world. Teach us how to be transformed as we feel

our way around this place. Reveal how grace shapes

our days and how best to offer it to others.


“Everyone should give whatever they have decided in their heart. They shouldn’t give with hesitation or because of pressure. God loves a cheerful giver” ~ 2 Corinthians 9:7 CEB

31-days-of-journeying-into-joy-badgeWelcome to #day20 of #write31days of journeying into joy, where we are examining various ways in which we can lead a more joy filled life.  

Your presence here is gift and grace to me. Thank you for allowing me access to your inbox.  🙂


16 thoughts on “thoughts on being a joyful giver

  1. Dear Joy, What a beautiful picture of you and your husband! You brought a smile to my heart today, friend! And the poetry of your prayer touched me–“Teach us how to be transformed as we feel our way around this place” This is such a heartfelt way of seeing Godly transformation while we are still in this dust-filled earth. Thank you for being a true Giver of Grace as you share your heart. May the Lord open my eyes to see new ways of Joy-filled Giving! xoxo

    • It’s a favourite of mine too, Bettie, taken a couple of years ago before we both became more unwell. He managed to surprise and delight me with some lovely birthday gifts! Thank you for appreciating my poetic prayer. I’m glad those lines spoke to you. I also see you as “a true Giver of Grace as you share your heart” on your blog, beautiful friend. We are definitely soul sisters and kindred spirits! xoxo

  2. I’d much rather give then receive too. I love sending happy mails to others. And your prayer reminds me of Micah 6:8! Do justice, love kindness/mercy, and walk humbly with our God.

    • Tara, I see you very much like our caring friend who lights up our days with her sweet cards, because you also offer light, love and refreshment to others with your kindness. Thank you for seeing the connection to Micah 6:8. Did I also mention you’re very astute?! xo

  3. I love this photo, Joy! 🙂 And your every post is a gift to me, so thank you. I love your prayer about living with compassion, to see into those deep secret needs of those around us. I want to be like that. To be transformed into the image of Christ Jesus. Blessings and hugs to you!

    • Trudy, I echo your words here: ” I want to be like that. To be transformed into the image of Christ Jesus.” It’s the longing of every child of God who is aware of their need for change. And I have witnessed so much beautiful change and transformation in you since I’ve known you. You always have had a tender, sensitive heart for the hurting. Kindness, caring and compassion are sweet hallmarks of your character. God is also strengthening you to openly share your brokenness and encourage others to see the hope we have in Christ. xo 💜

  4. I just love your heart expressed here in such a refreshing way, revealing encouraging truths thank you dear Joy! The simplicity and intentionality, in thoughtful generosity! 💕

    • Jenneth, it’s a JOY to see you here! You have clear spiritual vision. It shines from your poetry. I also love the way you see and encourage the work of God in me. Bless you for your kindness, dear friend. xo

      • Thank you Joy for the life-giving writing that flows through you. Seasons of grace and loving-kindness are here! Many blessings dear friend ❤

      • Jenneth, I give grateful thanks and praise to God for enabling and sustaining me to write so much this month! Yes, seasons “of grace and loving-kindness are here” for both of us, dear friend. xo ❤

  5. I love the photo, too! “May we always remember to be kind, act lovingly, show mercy
    As we give to others let us do so from a heart of gratitude, not out of guilt.” Yes, I want to be a cheerful and gracious giver, not because I think I have to. May God grant this desire in us.

    Many blessings to you, dear Joy! xo

    • Gayl, you have hit on the key thing here: “May God grant this desire to us”, because it speaks of the way we all need Holy nudges and help in being able to give lovingly, freely and compassionately to others. Thank you for adding to the conversation with your own lovely insights. Glad you like the photo of me and my man! He’s very much a generous giver, and I am blessed to be the grateful recipient of his love and care. May God continue to bless and inspire you with words and the strength to write as we come towards the final week of our writing challenge. Sorry I don’t always make it over to your site to catch every post. xo

      • It’s fine when you don’t make it over. 🙂 I know you will when you can. You are still an encouragement to me. I don’t always make it to yours either, but I’m still thinking of you. Blessings!

      • The thoughts are mutual, Gayl. You are a great encouragement to me, too! I love it when I see you here but I quite understand how demanding daily writing can be, never mind trying to keep up with all that our friends are producing. But we still keep one another in thought and prayer. Blessings! xo

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