enjoying a feast of grace gifts



While we are being encouraged to ‘Go Sober for October’, slide ever closer toward ‘Movember’ and anticipate ‘Dry January’, this month is fast becoming ‘Wet-tober’ for us. As a family we have extra cause for raising our glasses in celebration, because our daughters-in-law have birthdays this month. One of them is celebrating a particularly significant year, and the other also has a new job to rejoice over – cheers all round!

And as we think about the passing of time, our days are being framed by a continual downpour of rain. In learning to enjoy the journey I am on, I’m also finding ways to love the life I have. Part of that includes appreciation for seemingly small things, life’s little moments and everyday marvels which are so easily missed or go unmarked.

This summer we had an enforced stay-cation where housebound took on a whole new level of feeling like we’re missing out. So each short journey currently undertaken in the car feels like a triumph of sorts, a cause for celebration – yes, even when it pours with rain! The poem below emerged after such an outing  when visiting our elder son and his wife.

It reminds me that in every life a little rain will fall, heavy clouds will temporarily obliterate the sun, days may feel dark and cool, but light and warmth and love and joy are close by, just waiting to be found by receptive heart and eye

A veritable feast



Day’s brightness reluctantly gave way

to leaden grey, as skies poured forth

water from heaven’s hoses; sprayed

liberally now on car windscreen,

washing road, gleaming drops sit

on leaves with pearlescent glow



And I watched in wonder while clouds

parted to reveal vivid rainbow

curve of colour; God’s reminder

to Noah of flood. Then his everlasting

covenant with Abraham – made manifest

to us in Jesus Christ’s sacrificed blood



Joy has already embraced me

in hugs with family, shared news,

coffee and chocolates, exchange

of views and provisions from their

abundant garden. A veritable

feast for us to journey homeward with



We can soon become replete when

considering God’s daily grace gifts

seen in sky, its ever changing scenery

altering by the hour. Or found in

goodness closer to  ground, in our home,

friends and family – in every living thing


PS: Just in case you are curious to know more, here’s some info on Go Sober for October, how to become  involved in Movember, and a little bit about Dry January in the UK. Wet-tober is a phrase I’ve coined today, though it may well be in use for all I know!


Welcome to #day21 of #write31days of journeying into joy.

What are you seeing, appreciating or celebrating this month? I’d love to hear in the comments below.


8 thoughts on “enjoying a feast of grace gifts

  1. Dear Joy, What wonderful days to celebrate with your family! I’m so glad you were able to take those trips, short as they were, and find joy along the way. I loved these lines:
    “We can soon become replete when
    considering God’s daily grace gifts”
    They are so expressive of what God wants to help us see. Thank you for sharing your moments of grace when the light broke through into grey days! May the Lord bring more of those to you this weekend, my dear friend! xoxo

    • Dear Bettie, family celebrations are a great excuse for a get-together and receiving these grace gifts was an added bonus! I’m so thankful that God keeps opening my eyes to His wonders, whispering reminders to look, listen and learn. I take photos to help me to focus in the moment and to provide memories to look back on. I also love those “moments of grace when light broke through into grey days”! How we all need to see God’s Light at the edges of everything. Thank you for your sweet blessing, dear friend. May your weekend be one of celebrating getting good news about your test results and enjoying some needful time of rest and relaxation. xoxo

  2. Such beautiful pics of the rainbow, Joy. Your words, too, are filled with hope. This post brings to mind a quote by Vivian Greene that I have to remind myself of. I even have it on our wall.
    “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass…It’s about learning to dance in the rain.”
    That’s tough to do, isn’t it? But we will keep on seeking joy, won’t we? Opening our eyes to the beauty God surrounds us with. Have a rest-filled weekend in body and in spirit! Hugs!

    • I love that quote, too, Trudy! If only we thought of it more during our times of waiting and long seasons of struggle. Yes, it is tough to do but definitely worth it. And I am standing with you here, my friend: “But we will keep seeking joy, won’t we?” It’s so much more than a blog series I’m writing, it’s a lifelong journey we’re on. As we also keep “opening our eyes to the beauty God surrounds us with” as you so rightly suggest, then our awareness of wonder and joy will grow exponentially. May your weekend be blessed with beauty, peace and rest. Hugs! xo

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