on being a willing, welcoming host for Christ



Each year is pregnant with possibility, holds portent of promise, hope of potential and opportunity to begin again. It’s a wonderful reminder of the daily grace, mercy and forgiveness which God offers us as we place our faith and trust in Him.

My hope and prayer is to host Christ well and make Him manifest, to be a woman who radiates His living presence. As broken people we feel we do that so imperfectly, yet those very weak spots, cracks and crevices in our lives are where His light leaks out most to others, often invisibly to us.

Although we may have moved past Christmas and on into the welcome embrace a new year can bring us, we need never move away from a willingness to make space for God on a daily basis, or a desire to seek after Him and offer Him a warm welcome, a home in our hearts and lives.

May we host Him well. May we be people of the cross who live and love well. May we shine God’s light into every dark corner of this world, as we willingly share His love and grace. May we be Christ’s ambassadors and light bearers, as we pour ourselves out in the service of others. May we appreciate the enormous privilege of bearing Holy Spirit within.

Bearing Christ within

Mary became overshadowed by your

Spirit, a willing host for Holy Ghost


How willing am I to bear Christ within

to bring him forth at just the right time


to let his Light shine out strong

to reveal how he belongs to all

and I am but a carrier of grace


whose mission is to magnify

his Name in each and every place?


Lord, help me to host you well

to carry you with tender care


to hold onto bright Hope within

and marvel anew at the way you

bore our sin, to seek to be


a lowly servant on the earth

if I might only grant you birth


and let you loose to live in me

with life abundant, rich and free




Happy New Year to you, dear reader and friend! Let’s celebrate all God has done for us. May you be blessed beyond your expectations and imagination in the days and months ahead.

I appreciate you so much. Thank you for being here. I look forward to sharing more poetic reflections with you soon. You remain in my thoughts and prayers. God be with you.


13 thoughts on “on being a willing, welcoming host for Christ

  1. Happy New Year Joy! So much THIS: “As broken people we feel we do that so imperfectly, yet those very weak spots, cracks and crevices in our lives are where His light leaks out most to others, often invisibly to us.” Reminds me of the Japanese art form kinsugi. Pregnant with possibility–I love the image that conjures up in my head.

      • Tara, I guessed it was you! Not only do you have a certain style of writing, you have also responded here before with your other blog identity. However you arrive, I am always pleased to see and read your words, dear friend! Every blessing for the year ahead. xo ❤

    • Yes, kinsugi was on my mind as well, because it’s such a beautiful illustration of this truth. May your year head be full of possibility and potential! Bless you, friend. 🙂 x

    • June, I’m so pleased you could relate to this, and truly thankful for your company as we aim to host Christ well in our oh so weak and mortal frames. Blessings and hugs to you, dear friend! xo

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  3. Joy, your poetry is always such a comfort to me, and tonight these words struck home in my heart:

    “Lord, help me to host you well
    to carry you with tender care”

    Lately I have been so aware of His tender care over me, but have I been so aware of my care over Him? My heart is stirred, and moved within to give Him the care He so deserves. Thank you dear friend! xoxo

    • Bettie, I’m honoured to be able to speak to you via the poetic. You have an beautifully attuned inner ear for poetry and for God at work within. From my limited perspective, I believe you are already hosting the holy well and mindful of the divine footprint in your heart. And I think Jesus is moved, too, by your sensitive and receptive spirit. You are such a blessing to me, dear friend. xoxo

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