adrift: God is an anchor for our unsteady souls


Being adrift is an unsettling feeling, isn’t it? Whether we’re literally unmoored,  marooned, lost at sea or life just seems to affect us that way. ⛵ I had a growing sense of unease and discombobulation when our internet went down for several hours recently.

Suddenly I couldn’t connect, never mind skim or surf the internet. And as it happens, it was a day when I really needed to get online—don’t we always?—and it just wouldn’t play ball with me. 🌐

After a few hours of attempting to access the world-wide web and failing then falling into a deeper sense of isolation and frustration, I wrote the poem below…

Adrift 🖥

There is no internet

All connectivity is lost

I am adrift

stuck in yesterday
so my calendar says

and the weather map
hasn’t updated itself

yet, nor my inbox caught
up with latest news

I feel the sting of loss

I can’t even share this event

with anyone or warn them
of my unavailability

Lost on a lonely sea
of singularity

where life’s time and tides
wash over me naturally

I am bereft, except
for one constant thing

because God has never
left—he’s always
here with me
© joylenton


Later on (acting on the wise and welcome suggestion of my husband), internet access was “borrowed”—with permission of course—from my neighbour, who has a different service provider. Hurrah! All was well. I could relax. Panic over…. for now… 😏

Then I came across this whispered word received in prayer a while back and it reminded me just who is our real power Source and stabilising strength when life unsteadies us. Because God alone holds our souls secure when we entrust our lives to Him. May it bless and encourage you too, my friend.  🙂 ❤

Believe – prayer whisper

“When you come to Me in your weakness, I am ready to infuse My strength into you, so that you live fully equipped in Me rather than relying on yourself.

Lay aside those heavy weights of your concerns and anxieties. These things sap your energy and captivate your attention. I want you to be free of them so that you can be attentive to My voice, and carry only those things that I assign to you.

Lean hard into Me. I am the solid Rock who keeps you safe, holds you fast and shelters you through hard times. I am the Anchor for your soul to keep you from going adrift.

When storms come, remember that you wear the belt of Truth to keep you afloat. My word and My promises will sustain you. Believe that I have already spoken and it will be fulfilled, even if your eyes cannot see it happening yet.”

“This hope is like a firm and steady anchor for our souls. In fact, hope reaches behind the curtain and into the most holy place.” – Hebrews 6:19 CEV

16 thoughts on “adrift: God is an anchor for our unsteady souls

  1. So beautiful, Joy. This especially:
    “When storms come, remember that you wear the belt of Truth to keep you afloat. My word and My promises will sustain you. ” Amen. Thank you for encouraging us. I love the graphic too – so beautiful.

    • Dear Anna, it warms my heart to think of you being blessed and encouraged here! We have such great Hope in God. It’s more than enough to sustain us through every storm we might face. Though we do need to remember to turn to Him and trust in His saving power in all things. May your weekend be blessed with peace and rest. xo 😊💜

  2. Glad I could connect to your thoughts on one of life’s frustrating, if temporary, disconnects! As ever, you mine gold from the hole. Thank you, unsinkable soul, for your faith, no matter what comes. Love to you both!

    • Laurie, I’m glad you could connect to “one of life’s frustrating, if temporary, disconnects” as you beautifully describe it, but only because you have also experienced God’s keeping and sustaining strength when facing life’s harsh hiccups. If I have “mined gold from the hole” (yet another lovely phrase), then it was after allowing the frustrations to temporarily derail me at first. Whether we sense it or not, we are all unsinkable souls when we trust in God. May you and your family be aware of our Lifeguard’s arms encircling you as you find yourselves battling new health challenges. May your faith hold you fast and keep you buoyant with Hope. Love and prayers to you and yours! xo 💜

  3. Thank you for this encouraging reminder that God is our one constant in life, Joy. Our Power Source, our Anchor, our only Hope in the storms of life. I hope you have a restful weekend, leaning on Jesus! Love and hugs to you!

    • Yes, Trudy, God certainly is “our one constant in life” and so much more besides. Our weekend will be busier than usual but joyful too as we celebrate Mothering Sunday with our family, followed by my husband’s birthday. I will definitely be leaning on Jesus to sustain me! Blessings, love and hugs! xo 😊💜

  4. Dear Joy,
    I am so touched by these words:

    “I am bereft, except
    for one constant thing

    because God has never
    left—he’s always
    here with me”

    And then to hear Him speak such a precious whisper filled with the promise of His sustaining, is such an encouragement to me today too. I am so thankful He gave you these words and that you shared them here with us. Blessings, love, and hugs to you on this Mothering Day weekend! xoxo

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