Cascades: observe all the blossoming

“Attention is the beginning of devotion.” — Mary Oliver

Experiences flow through our lives, our days, resembling a gushing waterfall that cascades. They arrive as moments of quiet reflectiveness, an exuberant drowning in sound sometimes, or a sudden stir of the heart that takes our breath away.

We experience a snapshot of seconds, a microcosm of inhabited moments, and a movie reel of minutes that pass all too fleetingly.

We all have occasions when we long to turn back time. Wouldn’t it be great to freeze-frame the highlights and press pause on the best moments of our lives?

Perhaps we could try to pay greater attention to it all, especially the golden glimpses that warm our souls.

Observing our lives is a lot like prayer. It’s gratitude in motion. A sacred act of appreciation and devotion.

We see more when we look with deliberate intent, seek to record with our eyes, and store away in our minds.

I’ve attempted to do that here as I view a pear tree releasing its blossom, listen to birdsong in the trees and the midday hymn singing.


Cascades of confetti 
carpet the grass, veil the trees,
drape the garden 
plants, line the pathways,
as soft white blossom
drifts silently, 
detaches itself 
from its original home
on the pyrus communis
where it belongs.

Cascades of birdsong 
trill through the trees,
be they walnut, pear,
apple or oak
or magnificent magnolia,
as it lilts through the leaves,
threads its way
between the boughs, and arches
across the divide
where bony branches stretch.

Cascades of voices
sing out their praise,
whether wobbly and weak
or with vigour and strength
as the notes 
signal a hymn, unknown 
or familiar, 
for each one stems from
a grateful heart 
tuned into hope and love.
© joylenton

“Gratitude is the fairest blossom which springs from the soul.” — Henry Ward Beecher

6 thoughts on “Cascades: observe all the blossoming

  1. As always, Joy, your words take me to places that have long left their sweet mark upon my heart. May your day and life be touched with love.

    • Dear Jenny, I love the way you express your appreciation for nature, for friendship, family and life in your online posts. It never fails to warm my heart, raise a smile, and serve as a reminder of the myriad blessings God pours out on us each day. May your day and life continue to be blessed with love, my friend, and the wonderful ability you have to see and sense the good in everything. x 😊❤️

  2. Dear Joy,
    Thank you for sharing such lovely thoughts of spring with us. You have awakened in me once again, the desire to join that “cascade of voices” lifting my voice in praise also. As I ride along for my lab work today, your words will echo in my heart, bringing such encouragement to look & listen for those springtime cascades. Thank you dear sister. This was just what I needed today. Love and hugs across the pond!

    • Dear Bettie, your desire to lift your voice in praise is one I share but frequently fail to carry out with any success due to my voice being weak, thin, and prone to coughing when I try to sing. So it’s a relief to know God welcomes our efforts and heeds the unspoken desires of our hearts! I hope your lab work went well today and the effort didn’t exhaust you too much. May you be blessed by many beautiful signs of spring on your travels and may your soul be strengthened and encouraged by what you see. Sending prayers, love and hugs across the pond! Xx 💜🙏🏻🌷

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