Jane truly captures the beauty and wonder of each day in this lovely reflection.

In Plainjane View


The sunrise exploded the sky into a palette of brilliance this morning.

One second, I notice a tiny beginning of color and I looked away… the next, the sky was on fire. Blazing, breath-taking, fire-breathing fire.

I raced out the door, my robe’s tie dragging on the ground behind me, and my girl dog leaping up from a dream- caught unaware in the emergency – panting behind me … it was over.

The crescendo of beauty? Not even one minute. Forget the 15 minutes of fame, this brilliant beginning was over and done in 30 seconds, tops. And I had missed it.

Life had moved on. The sun came up, and routines began, and I wondered how many had been honored to witness how beautiful it all began? And I wondered, This day started out extraordinary, how is it that it can stumble and limp into the mundane?

I dragged…

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The {lost} Art of Listening To A Wounded Body

Tammy’s thoughts on listening are so insightful and really worth sharing. She recognises it as a lost art we need to recover ( just as I hope to do with my #oneword365 being ‘listen’) and she reveals a possible way to do it.

outside the city gate


Any artist knows in following the passionate drive there is also the learning too. No one gets good at anything without some practice. And how can we learn, ifnotby listening? When we find ourselves outside the clamoring city noise, we hear the quiet. We adjust our ears to silence and we are almost overcome by our discomfort of it.

But then we breathe. In the silence, for once, we can think. The reclining patio furniture invites us to stretch under a light so bright we have to close our eyes on the back porch with miles and miles of nowhere around us. We take our wearied soul and watch a Blue Jay bully the Finches in this bird society of pecking orders. Then we hear a melody of the wind chiming through trees and we find ourselves listening to our lives.

Yet, there is nothing simple about getting outside the city gates. For many, it was a…

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How my Poetry Got Into Stores

Be inspired by how the lovely Anne Peterson’s poetry has touched lives for the better. An awesome and encouraging story!

Anne Peterson Writes

It was 1994. I went to visit my friend, Arlyce.

While there I quoted her one of my poems, I Have These Holes.

“You have to do something with this,” Arlyce said.

Knowing my husband Mike was an artist she said, “Why don’t you take some of your poetry and put it with Mike’s art?”

A collaboration

A couple weeks later, Mike and I stood in a print shop beaming, as we watched our first piece of poetry art come out of the printer.

I showed the finished pieces to friends who liked them. I took some to college where I was a returning student. I’d bring them there and sometimes bring home money.

One instructor asked if I’d share my poetry at her home. And “poetry parties” were born. I created invitations she would mail out to her friends.

I would share stories of my life, intermingled with my…

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