Sharp side of life

It’s been the worst of times and the best of times.

Recent weeks have been a period of great turmoil when it felt like everything that could be shaken was being shaken.

The past I thought dead and buried in memory rose up to greet me with renewed darkness and pain.

The present brought challenge and a pressing need for change I didn’t feel ready for.

Nothing felt safe anymore.

My heart was exposed.

Raw. Wounded. Hurting.

I wrote the poem below to express how it felt.

Maybe you can relate to it too.


Waterfall of rain

sheets hard and fast

steady on pane

with resounding drum

as I wall up my heart

with frame of glass

encasing erratic thrum

ready to part

and shatter all content within

leaving me raw

exposed, bleeding


all over the place

pain stabbed deep

wounded, lanced

shards sharp

piercing steep

in fiery dance of fury

on softness

exposing traces of all

kept hidden over time

and years

when nothing hurtful

allowed entry in this space

and vale of tears


Yet…there was a new surge of life within as the frame of my thinking shattered.

The old ways had to give way to deep excavation, renovation, rebuilding and renewal.

Peace and purpose grew from pain.

Shattered life made safe by God’s continual presence.

And Christ bled vulnerable for me and you.

He suffered deep dark pains within so that we could be recipients of His love.

There is nothing we go through that is a mystery to God.

He wants to re-write our history in the light of His grace.

His arms are ready to catch His broken child.

God alone can make us whole again.

Are you willing to offer Him your brokenness in exchange for His desires for you?

I know I can trust no other to mend me fully and set me on the right path again.

13 thoughts on “Sharp side of life

  1. Powerful words Joy. “Shards” are very sharp and can cut and wound very deep. “His love” is the only suave that can and will heal and make whole! Thank you Joy, for this tremendous reminder of the power of healing, through our Lord. Blessings.

  2. God bless you, Joy. My first response was, “Wow!”. This is powerfully emotional for anyone that has had those scars, we thought healed over completely, revealed. But, we have a Savior. Our God sent Jesus to heal our wounds and set us free. Hallelujah! How do people stay sane in this life without Him? Or maybe, I shouldn’t say sane. How do they appear reasonable and normal? Personally, I think many people are very practiced with their tightly battened down facades. I prefer freedom in the spirit. Beautiful and poignantly written, my sister, your poetry is powerful. Love, Debby xxxooo

    • My thoughts too, Debby! I would be lost without God and His sustaining grace. Freedom for me is being able to express the good, bad and ugly sides of life and give glory to the One who brings us through them. Hallelujah! Blessings and love to you, my friend. Xx

  3. Thank you for sharing your amazing piece, reminds me of Lamentations chapter 3. i totally empathise because i’m still reeling from the sudden death of my beloved husband and the changes in mine and my daughters lives. But our hope is renewed daily along with Gods faithfulness .

    • Dedo, my heart goes out to you. I am so sorry for your loss and the suffering it has brought with it. May you know the peace, rest and comfort that only God can give us at such a painful time. His faithfulness, mercy and grace are new every morning and He will fully meet your needs. Blessings.

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