Seeking sanctuary

We all need a safe place to vent. Let off steam. Be ourselves, warts and all.

Be real and authentic in sharing life and faith issues.

Consider the question, “Is there room for my tears here?” being asked by Diana Trautwein this week.

We read in the shortest verse in Scripture, “Jesus wept”  ~ John 11:35 Succinct words speaking volumes. He was unafraid to be authentically open and human. Giving us a pattern for being fully human and fully alive unto God.

Our tears are a soul’s lament. Reminder of our weakness, frailty and humanity.

If we try to keep them hidden they still find  a way to rise, unbidden, to the surface.

Revealing deep emotion at the core ~ joy, pain, vulnerability, sadness and grief. The very heart of who we are.

Though we find ways to choke them down and bid them drown in their inner stream.

In the unraveling of life, thought and years, we soon discover our safety and security is found primarily in God alone.

As a body of believers in Christ we are joined by links of love and shared endeavour in the fight of faith.

We’re all invited to enter in, embrace God’s gift of grace seen in Jesus’ suffering, pain and loss for our sakes.

We’re welcomed to a place of love and acceptance. A hospital for the hurting ~ only some churches hide that pretty well.

I’m too weary and worn out to try to pretend I’ve ‘got it all together,’ and too desiring of being a voice for those who are hurting to stay silent in my small-corner obscurity.

Because in the end it comes down to how much we love and are loved.  How much we are willing to give to one another.

Make room in our own woundedness to walk the road with others who are weak and in pain. Be a sanctuary for the seeking, the saved and those sick in body, mind or heart. 

Weep with those who weep. Rejoice with all who rejoice. Lift and uphold each other in prayer. Come alongside and be Christ’s ambassadors in caring for all in need.

The poem below expresses my hopes about being part of the body of Christ, what I am currently experiencing as a member of some lovely supportive writing and friendship groups and the reflective, sharing ‘Living the Questions’ group over at Diana’s place.

Although this is the type of welcome we could (and probably should?) be extending to all our brothers and sisters in Christ.


Your tears ~ whether of joy or sorrow ~ will find a welcome here

Your questions and fears for tomorrow we too will share

Your faith journey and experiences in all their rich variety

serve to enrich and inform us of all we still can be

Your need for speaking out in a friendly space

can be met here in this ~ a safe and open place

Your desire to listen, reflect and ponder deeply

is found in this forum and sacred sanctuary


Sadly, many feel disappointed, discouraged, sidelined, ignored, bruised, hurt and wounded by church. Perhaps we forget we are all imperfect ‘works in progress’. This prayer may help. It was written in support of all wounded warriors.

There should always be room for tears ~ and laughter, joy, hand-holding, lifting up, coming alongside, praying, caring and sharing as we aim to be ‘Jesus with skin on’ for one another.

Joining here with Diana, Mel, Laura and Lyli

19 thoughts on “Seeking sanctuary

  1. This just makes me want to share, too. I agree Church should be a hospital for broken people, where we can just be a mess in front of one another. Right now, doing my best to listen for God’s call and obey Him, blocking out the call of the world.

    • Laura, it always pays to heed God’s voice. Though I have found “blocking out the call of the world” can be problematical. It tends to shout a lot to get our attention and distract us from the things of God. May you be at peace as you seek to listen for His ‘still small voice’ above all else. Thank you for stopping by. Blessings 🙂

    • It is my heart’s desire to bless and encourage others through the words God gifts me with. Mary, you honour and bless me so much with your kind encouragement and support. Thank you! Blessings 🙂

  2. You DID post again this week. Thanks so much for these good words, Joy. And for the link to your earlier poem/prayer. Glad we’re taking this journey together.

    • Yes, Diana, I did! There was a post ready and waiting to link up. My hesitation was over how to comment on your own wonderful words. Although I read all of the subsequent comments on the site ~ drinking in and devouring the words ~ I usually lack energy enough to respond. However, the ongoing conversation really blesses me. I’m grateful to be a small part of such a thoughtful and supportive group taking this journey together.

  3. Dear Joy
    I will never forget how I told my husband the one day shortly after I was diagnosed with Fm/ME that it feels as if I was way too sick and too poor to be a Christian according to the standards of the church we were attending at that stage. Oh, how wrong I was. He cherishes our tears as He wipes them from our eyes. Your words are as always just beautiful.
    Blessings XX

    • Dear Mia, it is lovely to see you again! I was concerned you might be less well and having a flare up of your symptoms. Though I also know how hard it can be to keep up with the sheer volume of blog reading/hopping we might like to achieve. Something always has to give!
      It is a challenge to our faith (and that of other believers sometimes) when we remain chronically sick despite anointing with oil and numerous prayers for healing. Yet we are never slighted or overlooked by our Lord. He sees all and “cherishes our tears as He wipes them from our eyes”. Thank you so much for sparing time and energy to visit. I really appreciate it. Sending you blessings and prayers, my friend. Xx

    • Jody, I am so pleased you stopped by and were blessed by your visit! Yes, we all need a safe place to feel secure enough to ask the tough questions and be fine when there are no pat answers. In the questioning and reflecting we each bring insight and understanding to the table. Bless you. 🙂 x

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