Getting off the treadmill

Pausing PJ file image


In a frantic 24/7

treadmill life, it’s no heaven

to have stress, strain and strife

Because we gradually learn

how it makes us crash and burn

In order to still our body and mind

we may have to be cruel to be kind

Discover what helps or hinders us

as we step off the ‘always busy’ bus

And as we try to do our part

we’ll find the calm of the Father’s heart

is found in silence and in rest

In listening, pausing, seeking His best

Placing ourselves into His hands

Yielding our motives, goals and plans

Reading the wisdom in God’s word

Absorbing its truth seen and heard

Finding peace-pauses in each day

to simply be, breathe, and pray

Then stillness will soothe, fill and flood

our hearts with God’s peace and love


On a weary, M.E symptom-heavy day when I’ve spent several hours in bed, I’ve wished I could press ‘pause’ on the thoughts in my head. A body can be experiencing a degree of rest and ease while a mind spins like a hamster on a wheel. However, some thoughts are welcome ones and I am grateful to God for the unexpected gift of words to write and share on such a day as this.

Joining here with Kate and other ‘feel the fear and do it afraid, brave and bold, no worries about perfection’ writer friends for #fiveminutefriday You are very welcome and warmly encouraged to join in. This week’s prompt is:’Still’


8 thoughts on “Getting off the treadmill

  1. Beautiful, Joy.
    I both love and long for this:
    “…the calm of the Father’s heart
    is found in silence and in rest
    In listening, pausing, seeking His best
    Placing ourselves into His hands”
    May we together seek the rest only He can give!

    • Thank you, Trudy. I share those longings. It’s all too easy to lose sight of the best way in which we regain peace and rest. I think God gives me these words as a reminder to my own soul too! As we seek more earnestly after God’s heart then His rest is a gift and balm to our weary hearts. Bless you, friend. xox 🙂

    • Hi Kathleen. Thanks for stopping by. Yes, pondering on stillness is a soothing salve isn’t it? And a great reminder to have Sabbath breaks and seek sacred pauses in the everyday. Bless you. 🙂

    • Hi Mary. We’ve already connected as friends on Twitter and Google + but I hadn’t realised that you were also a poet! It’s lovely to share a way with words, poetic and otherwise, isn’t it? Writing is such a release, a wonderful creative outlet and a great way to bless and encourage others in the process.Thanks for stopping by and encouraging me with your comment. May God bless you and your writing to His praise and glory. 🙂 x

    • I’m glad you could connect with these thoughts, Tanya. I share your desires regarding what our minds focus on. Too much negativity is draining and destructive, whereas positive, life and faith-affirming thoughts yield peace and joy. May you think happy thoughts this week and be blessed by God’s presence. 🙂 x

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