The story starts with a seed

from a seed - PJ

In Advent we look forward with anticipation to an event of great magnitude.

Remembrance and celebration of Jesus coming to earth for us.

Entering our fallen humanity with the purpose of being the only acceptable, possible sinless sacrifice for our sin.

Beginning in a humble place, with a message of universal hope and grace.

And like all historic occasions, as we look back we can see the seeds of it happening, the roots of origin revealed.

In the poem below I am trying to capture an essence of the foundations for God’s plan of salvation.

Because marvelling at Jesus coming to earth doesn’t stop (or start) with the babe in the manger.

It transcends time itself as part of God’s foreknowledge before we ever knew of it.

All stories start with a seed, a germ of an idea, a creative spirit.

This is the greatest story ever told. One we repeat with awe. God incarnate, come as one of us.

The story starts with a seed…

From a seed

dark seeds

Eve was deceived and

sowed a seed of destruction

leading to mankind’s expulsion

from heavenly joy into a darker

employ of labour and toil

fear, pain, guilt and shame

Yet hidden within her

human skin lay a dormant

seed-carrier capacity

a foretaste of the future

when sin’s enormity

would require a Saviour

And Mary became Seed-bearer

for the human race

to be redeemed by love

and set free by grace

by the birth of God on earth

constrained into a human frame

Her child – Jesus, our Messiah

Saviour, Servant-King and Lord

to whom we bring faith-seed offering

of a heart willing to believe

a mind receptive to receive

a spirit to praise and to adore


I’m sharing my chosen five-minute-friday word ‘seed’ and the poem that came from it with fellow word-wrangling wordsmith friends at Kate Motaung’s site, with Mel at essentialfridays and with Barbie for Weekend Whispers. You are very welcome to join us or to stop by and be blessed by reading the posts we share.

Mary as Seed bearer - PJ

22 thoughts on “The story starts with a seed

  1. Joy, beautiful thoughts and poem! You’re so right that Jesus transcends the manger. And this?
    “Her child – Jesus, our Messiah
    Saviour, Servant-King and Lord
    to whom we bring faith-seed offering
    of a heart willing to believe
    a mind receptive to receive
    a spirit to praise and to adore”

    This spoke to my heart. I love the image of bringing Jesus a faith-seed offering. Thank you for adding beauty to my day, Joy.

    • Jeanne, it’s lovely to see you here! Thanks for letting me know what resonated with you in this post. I’m truly thankful to have blessed you through my words. Do stop by again! Blessings. 🙂

  2. This is beautiful, Joy. Yes, the greatest story ever told. What a blessing is that Christ-seed of love and grace! I long for that faith-seed
    “of a heart willing to believe
    a mind receptive to receive
    a spirit to praise and to adore”
    Thank you, my friend, for this soul-stirring seed you have planted today.

    • Thanks, Trudy! If I’ve stirred some souls to pause and consider the wonder of Christ’s coming to earth for us, I am deeply thankful. And you do have that faith seed, my friend. It’s clearly a huge part of who you are and how you write. No matter how tiny or faltering our faith may seem to us, God is happy when we plant it in Him and allow Him to cause it to swell and grow over time. Blessings of praise and peace to you in the days ahead! ❤

  3. Beautiful words, Joy. Beautiful!
    How amazing is it that God shows us the power of grace as seeds that are sown and will propagate into all that HE has already planned for them to become.
    Thinking on your words today and the fullness of His great love for us.
    Bless you,

    • Hi Dawn. Yes, it is an amazing thing to contemplate the Seed of God Himself becoming seed-sower of grace, hope and faith into human hearts as He plans for their growth and fruitfulness to come. Bless you, friend, as you ponder “the fullness of His great love for us.” May you know and experience God’s love for you afresh this Christmas season. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a lovely comment. You’re very welcome to return! 🙂

  4. This poem is fabulous! I love how you’ve woven the story in the garden with Christ’s birth. What a gift you have! Blessings and Merry Christmas!

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